A unique wireless system for advanced building automation

The system makes it possible to monitor, control, and optimize all electric functions in a building, such as temperature, ventilation, lighting, and security systems.

The system is compatible with other building automation systems on the market. Older, existing installations in a building can be coordinated and optimized via Raybased through an intelligent operating system where all functions interact.

The Raybased system provides the property owner with an effective and reliable tool that can save up to 60% and reduce the building's energy usage by up to 45%.

One platform for all building functions

Raybased coordinates not only “their own” functions in the system. Through Raybased technology, a unique and long-awaited piece of the puzzle has finally fallen into place; an open platform that can be integrated with all standards and protocols for building automation.

This means that not only can the property owner's prior automation investments be used but it can also be optimized by interaction in an intelligent operating system.

The Raybased system allows for coordination of all functions in a building. The platform can be integrated with all standards and protocols in building automation, thus also coordinate all the building’s functions.

Efficient remote operation, maintenance, and monitoring

The property owner has constant access to current information and can manage operation, maintenance, and monitoring remotely.