Installation of a pilot at Collier’s headquarters in Toronto

Raybased AB has received an order for a pilot installation at Colliers International Headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

The building consists of three floors in a high-rise building. Each floor is about 600 m2. The installation will take place in three steps. In the first step, Raybased’s system will measure the energy consumption used under current operating conditions. Collected data will be uploaded to Raybased’s cloud service for visualization and analysis. The measurements will last for three months and will serve as a baseline for improvements in the second and third steps.

Based on the measured results, Raybased will propose a light control system, that meets the requirements stated by Colliers. For the third and final step Raybased will add control of heat pumps, AC and ventilation, greatly contributing to energy efficiency and comfort.

“This is great opportunity for us to install our platform in Canada and show how well it performs. This opportunity is something we have been working with since this last summer.

All this takes place within the framework of the Techstars Colliers accelerator program. Both Techstars and Collier’s commitment to the program and the ten teams that are here, is impressive. We now have been given a huge opportunity to introduce ourselves and form a network of really dedicated players in the North American market through this initiative, “says Lennart Olving, Chairman of Raybased AB.

The value of the order will be determined when step one, mentioned above, is defined.