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By connecting property operation with the IoT, Raybased’s unique wireless technology responds to an enormous market demand for optimization and the possibility to integrate different systems in an open platform. We highly expect an increased demand in the next few years and we therefore seek more people who want to grow with us.

This is Raybased

Raybased is a Swedish technology company that implements the IoT (Internet of Things) in commercial properties by developing and selling an open wireless system for advanced building automation. The system makes it possible to monitor, control, and optimize all electrical functions in a building, such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and security systems.

Raybased continuously develops, tests, and evaluates their technology and products. Development takes place in-house and in close collaboration with partners and customers. One example is the recently completed preschool, Vitsippan, a pilot project where the benefits of the Raybased system will be demonstrated and assessed.
Raybased focuses primarily on commercial properties in the Swedish market.

At a later stage, the Raybased technology may be offered to the private market as well as internationally.
Headquarters is located in Trollhättan. The Development Department is located in Sisjön in western Gothenburg.


Do you see a future with us? Feel free to contact us for information and to express your interest, even though we are not currently advertising.

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