Montera R- och L-puck


The central unit of the system is called the R-Puck, which enables measurement and control of electrical components. It is designed to be hidden behind existing sockets, switches, etc. All power sources and switches are connected and controlled by an R-Puck, which in turn communicates wirelessly with other R-Pucks. The R-Puck can take up to 16 amps.

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The L-Puck is an interface to control analog and digital controllers, such as lighting, dampers, and thermostats, etc.

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The S-Puck is the system’s wireless room sensor. The sensor can read temperature, humidity, motion and brightness, and communicates wirelessly with the R-Pucks. The S-Puck is powered by a long-life battery and thus easy to mount.

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The Gateway is an internal switching point in the system, used to link communication between the R-Pucks and the local server. A local server is the building’s gathering point for information and the connection point to the Internet.



The LR-Puck is the system's extended arm in terms of collecting data. It can wirelessly transmit data over long distances, even from locations with difficult radio conditions.

Example of use:

A property owner wishes to wirelessly transmit data from a water meter. The water meter is inaccessibly placed in a manhole outside. After mounting a Raybased LR-Puck (Long Range) onto the water meter, the puck’s measured data can be linked into the property owner’s system where is can be used as a basis for maintenance and invoicing, etc. The LR-Puck is powered by a battery with a life of 10 years, or it can be powered via cable.

The LR-Puck is powered by a battery with a life of 10 years, or it can be powered via cable.