Raybased makes it possible to control, monitor, and optimize all electrical functions in a building, such as heating, ventilation, lighting, and security systems.

How does it work?

Save 45% more energy by taking control of ventilation, heating, and energy use.

Lower operating costs by up to 60%. Take control of resource usage in buildings.

Increase value and improve comfort with easy integration into a modern, digital lifestyle.

As long term property managers, we must keep our costs down while keeping both quality and the environment in mind. The Raybased system allows us to do this and enables efficient remote monitoring of our properties.

Anders Torslid CEO Trollhättan Tomt AB

One platform for all building functions

IoT Raybased Tablet

Raybased products enable us to develop and strengthen our customer offerings. We are especially pleased to be able to use the Raybased system for energy optimization of buildings, thus reducing both costs and environmental impact for our customers.

Johan WennbergRegionchef Bravida region Vänern


The Raybased wireless system is easy and cost effective to install in both existing and new buildings. The system is expandable and units and features can be customized according to customer requirements as well as future changes in technical development.


All information, including temperature, motion, light, sound, etc. is registered by system sensors. The information is coordinated and evaluated by the system, and then addressed in an intelligent and optimal manner, in terms of both economics and function. More efficient operation and preventive maintenance allow for cost savings of up to 60 percent...


The Raybased system provides the property owner with an efficient and reliable tool that contributes to reducing the building's energy usage by up to 45 percent. Along with greatly reduced material usage, this means an appreciable reduction in the environmental footprint of operation and installation.