Corporate Governance

Lennart Olving, b. 1952, CEO

A Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Lennart has extensive industrial experience and has been a manager in both business management and strategy development. Most of Lennart’s career has been in the pharmaceutical industry and between 2000 and 2003, he was in charge of merging production between Pharmacia Upjohn and Monsanto/Searle during the merger of the two companies. Today, Lennart is active in several growth companies in various positions.

Lars Elmberg, b. 1949, Chairman of the Board

A Master of Science in Electronics from Chalmers with extensive experience as CEO for Elektronikcentrum, Marketing Manager at Philips, and many years of board work for companies such as XDIN, Cyrba, and NFO. Lars has broad experience in corporate governance, company sales, and IPOs. Lars has been on-board, helping to develop Raybased since 2013, from innovation to business.

Jonny Sandberg, b. 1949, Board Member

Trained engineer at SKF and born entrepreneur. Over the years, Johnny has helped found several service and products companies in technology, such as CARAN, XDIN, and Cyrba, where he has also served as CEO. Jonny has extensive experience in developing innovation-driven companies and has been with Raybased from the start.

Anders Björling, b. 1969, Board Member

Engineer over 20 years of experience in building automation. Among other things, Anders has been District Manager for Siemens AB, Div. BT, Building Automation with responsibility for operations in Gothenburg. Anders has a good understanding of the real estate industry as well as building automation and works with real estate development at Eklandia AB since 2013.with

Mats Nyström, b. 1959, Board Member

A Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers. Mats started out as programmer and electronics designer, specializing in embedded systems. 1998–2002, he helped Viking Telecom go from a small company to an IPO as Development Manager. Mats currently has his own consulting firm, specializing in project management.

Jan Ryderstam, b. 1957, Development Manager

A Master of Science in Physics from Chalmers. Jan has extensive experience as a systems architect and technology strategist in electronics and software for the automotive and defense industries. Jan is one of Scandinavia’s by far most skilled software developer and, in 2011, he noticed the flaws of today’s building automation system, which provided the basis for Raybased.